Tuesday, December 17

OOTD: Ankle Boots

Got a new pair of Ankle Boots Wedge earlier this month...
I love it so much I want to share it! ♥

2 Different looks and more to come!

Thank you (from a Filipino blogger)

I haven't been around lately, mainly because:

1. I'm busy with work, home and my online shop goshop4less
2. I planned to (like what other Filipinos did), in respect to the 
Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) tragedy that happened recently 
in our country.

Sunday, September 8

My Sister's OOTD: Polka Boots

Since my little sister likes dressing up, 
I'll share with you her (current) favorite boots.

Thursday, September 5

Chiffon Blouse

Hi Everyone! It was a busy August! 
So busy I wasn't able to blog... and I missed it. :)

Chiffon Fashion is all over the metro nowadays.
Here's mine courtesy of Norieyo Apparel :)

1. Peach colored Chiffon blouse on a Lace:

Wednesday, August 7

Liebster Award

I've been seeing a lot of blog posts about the Liebster Award. This a recognition to new bloggers with less than 200 followers who are appreciated by their fellow bloggers.

Yesterday, Fatima nominated me on the Liebster Award. I assume she's new to blogspot too but her blogs on beauty products she bought are amazing. Check her site too!

Monday, July 29

New Accessory Babies

New addition to the family... :)

Swiss Legend for Hubby ♥
Relic for Me ♥

Wednesday, July 24

My Sister's OOTD

My sister looks so cute in these pictures, I need to post it. :)
A natural model.Ü

A two-year-old baby who wants to go inside 'Kamiseta' (fashion store) and check the dresses

Isn't she a natural model? :)

Thursday, July 18

Trying out #Selfies

 Because of the popular hash tag #selfie in popular apps like instagram, 
I'll share some of mine... trying out selfie :)

Monday, July 1

I love June!

Every year, one of my busiest month is June... 
It is also my Birth Month.Ü

Check out my activities
and let the pictures talk. :) 

June 15: Father's Day
From L-R: Younger brother Marvin, Me and Dad

June 22: My Birthday! :)
Gifts from my Colleagues

Sunday, June 9

Food Review: Steak 101

Steak 101

Doña Soledad extension, Better Living Paranaque

2 years ago, I've blogged a new Steak House in Better Living Paranaque. Until now, me and my husband are still visiting it once in a while for a good, affordable steaks. 

I've recently learned that they are on the internet now. Steak 101 can be searched and ranked through one of the good and reliable app called OpenSnap. I've been using it to find the best restaurants in the Metro. It is very reliable and easy to use. For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from the App Store or Google Play.

Thursday, June 6

NOTD: Purple on Platinum White

 Just trying out my new purple nail art polish.
My first try on do-it-yourself Nail Art.
Something cute and simple.Ü

Sorry for the messy eyebrows  Ü

Oh yes! Loving tweety even @ 30y/o

Coffee Break in the Office. Brrr...it's so cold here

What do you think? 

Sunday, May 26

June: The Wedding Month

Hi! My apologies for being so quiet this past few days. I got a bad flu and until now, I'm sneezing. :(

It's almost June... The Wedding Month! 
Our wedding last year was simple and solemn. It was a Garden Wedding beside a pool filled with all the people that we love and cherish.
 And best of all... I love my GOWN! :)

Let the pictures talk. :) Enjoy!

I Want: The bare back design
Why: It's unique and classy

I Want: Convertible! :)
Why: More comfy during the Wedding Party

We modified it since I don't like too much lace

Ceremony: The big bridal skirt with trail that I'm using is a 1980's vintage gown zipped on a white silk short skirt dress
Party: I opt to wear an all lace long spaghetti strap dress under the same white dress to cover up the back and leg part. Easier to move yet still stylish

Monday, May 13

OOTD: Floral Leggings

 We went to Tagaytay, Philippines to celebrate mother's day... at least for my aunt and grandma since my mom is already up there with Him. Also, it is mom's 9th year death anniversary. I chose to wear my floral leggings today. =)

Top: Style&Co.
Leggings: my own online shop Ü
My Dermatologist advised me not to wear make up and necklaces for a week. huhu ;(
Also, was supposed to wear canvass flats but I realized that it was still wet from cleaning

Friday, May 10

2013 Floral Trend

This year, I'm loving the Spring Floral Trend. They are soothing and very warm to the eye. 
Here in the Philippines, it's summer. Still, floral outfit is a cute must-have.



Wednesday, May 8

Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-one Beauty Balm Skin Perfector

Few years back, Blemish Balm (others would call it Beauty Balm) or BB Creams became so popular in Asian countries... Philippines included. They promise to give you beautiful Korean-like skin because of its all-in-one properties. It is a facial cosmetic that includes moisturizer, serum, primer, foundation and even sunblock... talk about all-in-one.

Now, BB creams are everywhere and you can even find it in non-Asian countries. Lately, I bought Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-one Beauty Balm Skin Perfector which promises to enhance the skin.

8-in-1 Benefits:
1. Blurs Imperfections
2. Enhances
3. Brightens
4. Adjust to skin-tone
5. Smoothes
6. Hydrates
7. SPF 30 protects
8. 0% oils and other heavy ingredients

Monday, April 29

Wedding Gown Idea

Saw this wedding gown design with a unique accessory. :) If I saw this before my wedding... I might have considered it since I had a garden wedding. Problem with this kind of accessory is that you'll have to carry it until the ceremony ends. haha


What do you think?

Friday, April 26

App Store Error: Account Not in this Store

Are you receiving errors on your IPad/IPod when trying to install an application through App Store? As the report says, this usually happens after the IOS6 upgrade.

Error Message:
"Account Not In This Store
Your account is not valid for use in the US store. You must switch to the Philippine store before purchasing."

Thursday, April 25

Easy Hair Up-do

I learned a new and easy Up-do this morning and I'm so excited to share it! =)

Though my hair isn't cooperating much... I nailed it on my first attempt... wee! =)

I don't want to take the credit, so here's where you can learn how to do it:

What do you think?

Thursday, April 18

Red and Black #OOTD

While watching New Girl, I saw Jessie's dress that she wore on their Thanksgiving episode and it was quite the same as mine! haha 

Rest and Relaxation with Nature

Here in the Philippines, we commemorate Holy Week. It is a legal holiday for four days starting Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday. This is our time to observe the lenten season and to have a little rest and relaxation from all the years of work and stress.

Since it is sooo hot here, beach -like what others prefer- is not my option. Instead, my husband and I decided to go to his province to relax. So we went off to Unisan, Quezon Philippines and stayed there for 3 days. 

We watch the Thursday procession which includes penance wherein a group of people hit themselves with a whip-like thing on their back until it bleeds. To these people, this is their vow to either clean their sins or to thank God for the past miracle that happened them or to their family member. I did not include the pictures of it here since I find it quite disturbing.

After the procession, we went to the bridge of Kalilayan to see nature at its finest. The sun is about to set, there are birds flying and trees everywhere, the clouds are so beautiful, cold air hugs you and the ocean is so calm. Everything is so serene... and this is what I want to share with everyone. :)

Thursday, April 4

OOTD: Black for a reason

I like black when dressing up. It always look simple and elegant. Today's OOTD is different... we (me and my workmates) wore black (with no bold colors) for a reason... to bid farewell to a good friend who recently went 'up there' to meet our Creator.

Here's my Black for a reason OOTD:

Sorry it was quite blurred =(

Monday, April 1

Easy Roasted Herb Chicken

Easy Roasted Herb Chicken

1 whole Chicken
2 heads Garlic cut in half
1 lemon cut in half
2 stems/leaves of lemon grass
McCormick dried rosemary
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Sunday, March 24

Lovin' My New Eye Glasses

After weeks of headaches and dizziness... I got my new prescription glasses and I'm loving it! Wee! =)
Just sharing my simple happiness. =)

Thanks for stopping by. Would appreciate a feedback! =)

Wednesday, March 20

OOTD (Sister Version)

This is my cute little sister's version of OOTD.
We were in Church and she would make faces and poses for the camera... so cute! =)

Sunday, March 10

Kikay 101: How to Clean your Make up brushes

How to Clean your Make up brushes

Another discovery with Johnson's baby shampoo? Make Up brush cleaner! =)

Thursday, February 21

TOYOTA: Car of the Year

"The Toyota Camry Named Car of the Year by Korean Journalists
Written by:  Tribune       Tuesday, 12 February 2013 00:00
Seoul, Korea; January 31, 2013 – The Toyota Camry has been voted by the Korea Automobile Journalist Association as the Car of the Year 2013. The medium-sized sedan earned the highest score of 78.75 points for its value on price, performance, safety and fuel efficiency. On top of that, Toyota’s Lexus GS and Prius Hybrid were no. 1 in performance and green-car categories, respectively. This is the first time a foreign model has earned this title since the award was presented three years ago. 

Moreover, the Camry is one of the best-selling import cars in Korea . During the same period of winning this title, Toyota ’s sales in Korea soared over 200% in 2012 compared to the previous year. In the Philippines , the Camry has been the best-selling model in its segment since 2001."

Sunday, February 10

Lab Gastropub Oceana

I was invited to a surprise baby shower for a very good friend and former work partner Wendy, last Friday at Lab Gastropub Oceana. I was excited because I'll be having dinner with my former office friends, at the same time, a new resto to try and blog.

The Lab Gastropub is at the tranquil side of SM by the Bay, MOA Complex Pasay. It has a soft touch good for people who chose to have a relaxing dinner after a days work. Unlike other chain of restaurants along SM By the Bay, the area is calm... no loud music or bands playing in, out and around the restaurant.

"It is a restaurant-school run by the Center for Culinary Arts Manila where the menu was thoughtfully developed by talented culinary students in the 6-month fast track chef program, mentored by highly experienced chefs." 

Sunday, February 3

OOTD: My Office Look

My (current) favorite top. A loose blue top with see-through long sleeves. 
I find it sleek and chic for Yuppies
Skirt and Blouse: SM
Shoes: Style & Co. (from mom-in-law)
Necklace: Bazaar find; Earrings: Simple Joys

Saturday, February 2


One weekday (I think that was Thursday) while at home cooking dinner, Dad called up and invited us for dinner. They were at Bhoyings, -the new restaurant in BF Homes Phase 1- but since it's quite far and a weekday, we pass. Dad gave good feedback though and said that the food was good, affordable and there's a mini playland where the kiddos can play too. It was featured in Jessica Soho's show, so it became popular.


Friday, February 1

Kikay 101: My New Makeup Remover

I've been using make up for years and been using olive oil as my make up remover. My face is quite sensitive to make up removers. The first that I've tried was cold cream back in college... I had acne attack for a week because of it. About 5 years ago, I started using olive oil to remove my waterproof makeups and it did quite well for me. Recently, I've been brave enough to try another one, Clinique take the day off makeup remover. Thinking that it is for sensitive skin and it has 90% good reviews, I've tried it and it looks okay for a couple of days... a bit of a sting but doesn't really hurt. On the 3rd day... i feel a burning sensation in my eye area. The next day, my eyes were like blowfish! swelling =(

Monday, January 28

Everyday Makeup

It's Monday. First day of the work week again. As usual... was so lazy to get out of bed to exercise but at least I managed to. 1st goal... done! =) Trying to inspire myself to work... I started with what I'll wear and my daily make up. Then I decided to share the make-up part here.

For today's blog, I'll share my everyday office make-up look. There are variety of local brands that you can use as a substitute to your expensive make up. You don’t always need an expensive one… though top quality brands are still the best. hehe I use the local substitute for my everyday look and save my quality brands for special occasions. =D  For the tones, I prefer earth shades... the barely-there make up look. In this blog, I still use my Lancome and Clinique brands given by my mom-in-law but mostly, I used Fashion 21 and Maybelline brands. Fashion 21 was introduced to me by my aunt a few years back. I find them affordable but suitable and gentle to my skin.

Top: Lancome Pink Blush, ArtDeco Kabuki Brush, Fashion 21 Two-way Cake with Papaya Extract
Bottom: Clinique earth shades eye shadow,Lancom lipstick, Maybelline lip gel, 
Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express waterproof mascara

Here are some Helpful Tips:

Sunday, January 27

OOTD: Pink-a-loo

This is an old post in my old blog site. Just wanna share it in blogspot too... my pink-a-loo week in the office. =)

Dress and Pink Cardigan: The SM Store

Pink Pants: Bazaar Find

Shoes and Black Blazer: Gift from friends

Accessories: The SM Store, Simple Joys and Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Thursday, January 24

Breakfast Tortilla Recipe

Re-blogged from My Food Blog:

=) Something to look forward to in the morning  =)
Just to surprise my hubby when he wakes up, I prepared a not-so-ordinary healthy breakfast.

2 pcs. Tortilla Wrap
2 pcs. medium potatoes, diced
1 small red bell pepper, diced

Tuesday, January 22

Lally vs. Max: Who wore it better? (haha)

I feel like I'm in a "who wore it better?" segment. haha It's my Red Checkered Hollister top given to me by Ate Cynthia. It's a reversible long sleeves and the fabric is quite thick.I usually wear this with shorts when going to Tagaytay.  However, these past few weeks, the weather is cold here in Manila and I can’t wear my usual skirt attire in the office since it’s suuuper cold (cold weather + centralized aircon = extra  brrr…). Then I remembered Max’s usual attire in 2 Broke Girls and decided to wear it for work. It should’ve been cute with leggings and boots but it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Lally... the blogspot newbie

ooookay! I've been using one blog site for 2 years but I can't find the features that I want. So another blog site? Yes and No. I'll try blogger for a change for my online diary but will stick to the old one for my recipe site. I'm lally... and I'm a blogspot newbie! =)