Monday, July 29

New Accessory Babies

New addition to the family... :)

Swiss Legend for Hubby ♥
Relic for Me ♥

Wednesday, July 24

My Sister's OOTD

My sister looks so cute in these pictures, I need to post it. :)
A natural model.Ü

A two-year-old baby who wants to go inside 'Kamiseta' (fashion store) and check the dresses

Isn't she a natural model? :)

Thursday, July 18

Trying out #Selfies

 Because of the popular hash tag #selfie in popular apps like instagram, 
I'll share some of mine... trying out selfie :)

Monday, July 1

I love June!

Every year, one of my busiest month is June... 
It is also my Birth Month.Ü

Check out my activities
and let the pictures talk. :) 

June 15: Father's Day
From L-R: Younger brother Marvin, Me and Dad

June 22: My Birthday! :)
Gifts from my Colleagues