Monday, July 1

I love June!

Every year, one of my busiest month is June... 
It is also my Birth Month.Ü

Check out my activities
and let the pictures talk. :) 

June 15: Father's Day
From L-R: Younger brother Marvin, Me and Dad

June 22: My Birthday! :)
Gifts from my Colleagues

Famous Cupcake of the South: Larcy's (Gift from Sissy)

Enjoying my cheat day! :)
Auntie Anne's Pretzel with Caramel Dip

I love my family! :)

My New Phone!Ü

My husband's birthday gift to me. Yey!

June 29-30: Company Outing

The Venue: Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort (Laiya, Batangas)

Wore the Maxi dress, my staff gave me on my Birthday

More Pictures:
New Nail Color: Cinnamon

New Contact Lens Color: Gray

Busy Busy June... What do you think? Let me know! :)