Monday, May 4

Anxiety on COVID19

It's Day 46 of our Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown) in our Country. 
Here in the Philippines, we currently have 8,200 cases. 

During the first week of lockdown, I feel so scared, it's as if I have "The Virus". A lot was going on my mind. There was a young girl who coughed up in the public vehicle where I was in. There was a man who had "it" in our building before the lockdown. What if I caught it? What if I pressed the same elevator button or breathe the same air where she coughed?

While I recall everything that happened before the lockdown, I suddenly felt sick. I had a bad stomach flu, acid reflux, nausea and chills. Could this be it?! It made me panic even more. I took medicines and had no appetite for days. 

I think, I'm not alone... you had it too, right? 

Then someone told me... it was Anxiety. A feeling of uncertainty. A feeling of fear of something that I have no control of. I'm an over thinker. A what-if kind of person. This adds up to my anxiety and made it worse. In 46 days, I had 3 attacks but thank God I have family and friends to help me.

Here are Five Tips I personally did to overcome Anxiety:

Friday, May 5

Cafe Tribu

The sound of the coffeemaker and the smell of a freshly brewed coffee in the morning... In the afternoon, a cold frappe or and iced coffee to keep you going. 

Who doesn't love coffee!

Sunday, April 9

Diary of a First-time Mom

This is an insight of a first time mom and how I embraced motherhood with love and excitement.

Monday, December 12

Preggy Diaries: Pregnancy and Labor

Hi! I planned to create one blog per month for my preggy diaries but later on decided to summarize it in one.

We're married for four years and the timing was perfect when we found out that we're expecting. 

Monday, October 24

Preggy Diaries: OOTDs

Hey! Getting pregnant doesn't mean you'll have to wear boring, all-covered up clothes.
Hope these would somehow inspire you. :)

OOTD: Maxi dress tube worn at Hotel Dominique in Tagaytay during our 4th year wedding anniversary. 5 months pregnant.

Sunday, June 26

It's my Day

Kids would love to have their parties every year for their birthday.
As we grow older, we prefer a simple celebration with your family and friends.

This year, we celebrated it with a simple dinner, laughter and music.

Surprise cakes and balloons from my Office Fam, Dinner with my family and... since I've had enough sweets for the day, hubby bought this Reese Cupcake for the traditional Candle blowing to cap off the night.

The celebration was extended on Friday night when my husband surprised me with a dinner date at 19 East Bar and Restaurant as we watched one of our favorite local band, Side A.

I had a great 2016 Birthday!
How do you celebrate yours?

Saturday, May 7

Off-the-shoulder OOTD

It's amazing how an old trend comes back after several years. Those that are hidden in your closet but can't give it up because it was your favorite fashion trend back then.