Monday, January 28

Everyday Makeup

It's Monday. First day of the work week again. As usual... was so lazy to get out of bed to exercise but at least I managed to. 1st goal... done! =) Trying to inspire myself to work... I started with what I'll wear and my daily make up. Then I decided to share the make-up part here.

For today's blog, I'll share my everyday office make-up look. There are variety of local brands that you can use as a substitute to your expensive make up. You don’t always need an expensive one… though top quality brands are still the best. hehe I use the local substitute for my everyday look and save my quality brands for special occasions. =D  For the tones, I prefer earth shades... the barely-there make up look. In this blog, I still use my Lancome and Clinique brands given by my mom-in-law but mostly, I used Fashion 21 and Maybelline brands. Fashion 21 was introduced to me by my aunt a few years back. I find them affordable but suitable and gentle to my skin.

Top: Lancome Pink Blush, ArtDeco Kabuki Brush, Fashion 21 Two-way Cake with Papaya Extract
Bottom: Clinique earth shades eye shadow,Lancom lipstick, Maybelline lip gel, 
Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express waterproof mascara

Here are some Helpful Tips:

Sunday, January 27

OOTD: Pink-a-loo

This is an old post in my old blog site. Just wanna share it in blogspot too... my pink-a-loo week in the office. =)

Dress and Pink Cardigan: The SM Store

Pink Pants: Bazaar Find

Shoes and Black Blazer: Gift from friends

Accessories: The SM Store, Simple Joys and Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Thursday, January 24

Breakfast Tortilla Recipe

Re-blogged from My Food Blog:

=) Something to look forward to in the morning  =)
Just to surprise my hubby when he wakes up, I prepared a not-so-ordinary healthy breakfast.

2 pcs. Tortilla Wrap
2 pcs. medium potatoes, diced
1 small red bell pepper, diced

Tuesday, January 22

Lally vs. Max: Who wore it better? (haha)

I feel like I'm in a "who wore it better?" segment. haha It's my Red Checkered Hollister top given to me by Ate Cynthia. It's a reversible long sleeves and the fabric is quite thick.I usually wear this with shorts when going to Tagaytay.  However, these past few weeks, the weather is cold here in Manila and I can’t wear my usual skirt attire in the office since it’s suuuper cold (cold weather + centralized aircon = extra  brrr…). Then I remembered Max’s usual attire in 2 Broke Girls and decided to wear it for work. It should’ve been cute with leggings and boots but it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Lally... the blogspot newbie

ooookay! I've been using one blog site for 2 years but I can't find the features that I want. So another blog site? Yes and No. I'll try blogger for a change for my online diary but will stick to the old one for my recipe site. I'm lally... and I'm a blogspot newbie! =)