Monday, May 4

Anxiety on COVID19

It's Day 46 of our Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown) in our Country. 
Here in the Philippines, we currently have 8,200 cases. 

During the first week of lockdown, I feel so scared, it's as if I have "The Virus". A lot was going on my mind. There was a young girl who coughed up in the public vehicle where I was in. There was a man who had "it" in our building before the lockdown. What if I caught it? What if I pressed the same elevator button or breathe the same air where she coughed?

While I recall everything that happened before the lockdown, I suddenly felt sick. I had a bad stomach flu, acid reflux, nausea and chills. Could this be it?! It made me panic even more. I took medicines and had no appetite for days. 

I think, I'm not alone... you had it too, right? 

Then someone told me... it was Anxiety. A feeling of uncertainty. A feeling of fear of something that I have no control of. I'm an over thinker. A what-if kind of person. This adds up to my anxiety and made it worse. In 46 days, I had 3 attacks but thank God I have family and friends to help me.

Here are Five Tips I personally did to overcome Anxiety: