Monday, May 4

Anxiety on COVID19

It's Day 46 of our Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown) in our Country. 
Here in the Philippines, we currently have 8,200 cases. 

During the first week of lockdown, I feel so scared, it's as if I have "The Virus". A lot was going on my mind. There was a young girl who coughed up in the public vehicle where I was in. There was a man who had "it" in our building before the lockdown. What if I caught it? What if I pressed the same elevator button or breathe the same air where she coughed?

While I recall everything that happened before the lockdown, I suddenly felt sick. I had a bad stomach flu, acid reflux, nausea and chills. Could this be it?! It made me panic even more. I took medicines and had no appetite for days. 

I think, I'm not alone... you had it too, right? 

Then someone told me... it was Anxiety. A feeling of uncertainty. A feeling of fear of something that I have no control of. I'm an over thinker. A what-if kind of person. This adds up to my anxiety and made it worse. In 46 days, I had 3 attacks but thank God I have family and friends to help me.

Here are Five Tips I personally did to overcome Anxiety:

1. Rest from News and Social Media.
This is one effective trick. I stopped watching the news. I looked at Facebook but skipped those that has something to do with COVID19. You don't need to know those news. You already know what you need to know... there is COVID19 in your country. That's it! I also skipped those vid clips on COVID19. Anything COVID-related, I chose to skip. 

From time to time, I checked Facebook. I filter those that I will read. I enjoy seeing my friends having a fun-time at home or those that cooked and baked or those that will inspire me that everything is okay even if you are locked at home. I also watched one COVID19-related video... the steps on how to disinfect the groceries and produce. That's it!

2. Exercise
I heard from my Mother-in-Law that exercise is a good option to release anxiety. Research says, exercise promotes the release of feel-good brain chemicals or the happy hormones. A good 20-30 minute exercise not only makes you happy... it makes you healthier. That's a 2-in1 solution. Check out for exercises that suits you. There are a lot of videos to choose from. Go check and start moving! :)

3. Talk to friends for support
Friends makes you laugh. You can run to them for comfort too. 
We are only asked to stay home but technology makes the impossible possible. Video Call them once in a while. Have a good conversation over a cup of coffee. No limit. It will not only calm your mind, you were able to catch up with your friends too.

In my case, my husband and my friends kept me sane. A friend even makes an effort in sending me feel-good foods just to make me feel better. 

4. Make yourself Busy 
More time because of the Lockdown? Do something productive... or not! Either do something new or be lazy and just watch a movie and chill. You choose. You have all the time anyway. 

Make yourself busy by starting a TV series in Netflix or start a new hobby like reading books or, like me, I started blogging again when my baby is sleeping. Some tried to be bakers and I think they are good at it now. I've been seeing a lot of posts of freshly baked breads and pastries. 

You can also pamper yourself. Turn on the music and relax while taking a long bath. Sing in the shower or cry out your fears... no one will know. Do your own nail care or pamper yourself with your skin care routine. You don't have to look and feel messy on a lockdown. Again, it's your choice so choose what's best for you.

5. The Best Advice I can give you that definitely worked for me is to reconnect with God.
I am a Christian and I believe that there is a sovereign God. Everything that happened in my life is amazing and only God can do that. My life is a personal testimony that God is real.

This lockdown made many of us realize that material things are temporary but the relationship stays. Love for your family, love for God. It made me realize that in this time of uncertainty, you have to hold on to His promises and remember that God is in Control. 

I installed a Bible app in my phone where I get my daily devotions. It's something to start with and see how amazing God works in you. Make yourself busy and draw yourself more to God. I find it peaceful and assuring that this too shall pass. We just have to be patient and obedient to God's will.

I did not say that you will never have an anxiety attack again if you do these but it will lessen the chances. If, in any case, these did not work on you and the attack is getting stronger, do not be afraid to call for professional help. There are a lot of free consultations now that offers counseling. They are aware that a lot of people are having anxiety because of the pandemic. Call for help.

I pray that this pandemic will be over soon. For now, have faith, have a positive output in life and try to relax at home.

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