Friday, May 5

Cafe Tribu

The sound of the coffeemaker and the smell of a freshly brewed coffee in the morning... In the afternoon, a cold frappe or and iced coffee to keep you going. 

Who doesn't love coffee!

In Manila alone, there are lots of coffee shops trying to fit in and be known to all coffee lovers. Others have unique tricks like a coffee shop where you can play with cats or dogs. I prefer having having it in a quiet and relaxing place. When I was still single, I used to go to coffee shops to write my blog while having my favorite cup of coffee. 

Recently, we've learned a coffee shop that's starting to make it's name in the country... CafĂ© Tribu. They have branches in Greenhills, Quezon City and Dubai. We visited their place in Greenhills and we find it very relaxing. Drinks are very good, cakes are rich and tasty and the price is very affordable. 

The cafe's theme is more on a Spa type concept, meant to bring comfort and relaxation to their customers. Their pieces and fixtures are edgy and comfortable too. 

Since it was one sunny afternoon, we decided to try their Choco-Mint Frappe and Java Chip Frappe. We also tried their rich chocolate cake. Their average price range for the Frappe is P110 while their cake slices are only P100 which is way more affordable than other coffee shops. They also serve in generous portions. 
 One of my dream is to have my own coffee shop. That's why when we learned about Cafe Tribu, we immediately checked it out. It has a lot of potential because of the quality of their product and their aim to please people with their food, service and ambience.

Thinking of having your own Coffee Shop? Why not franchise? 
Own a Cafe Tribu coffee Shop for as low as P350,000.
If interested, you may contact Duane Claude Javier at 09152857628.

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