Sunday, April 9

Diary of a First-time Mom

This is an insight of a first time mom and how I embraced motherhood with love and excitement.

My daughter is already 5 months old.  All day, me and my husband are taking care of the baby... but I do it most of the time because she's exclusively breastfed. I resigned and left my managerial position in the corporate world and happily, I'm a Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) for 5 months now. With my husband as my constant help and support, I do baby's laundry,  prepare our food, clean the house at times, etc. aside from exclusively breastfeeding and taking care of our little one. It's true when a SAHM mom says, "Rest means doing household chores while the baby is sleeping."  Here are some of what's inside a first-time mom's head and what I learned to keep me going.

A Crazy Mom is a Normal Mom

From baby blues to over tiredness to paranoia... I feel like I am one crazy person already. 
Days after I gave birth, I felt this urge to cry with NO reason at all. It feels weird because I was supposed to be happy... but I'm sad?! Good thing, my family was there one time when I had it, we talked it over and they encouraged me. Hubby and I read articles about it too. It's the hormone drop after birth that caused this baby blues. Damn. (eye roll) Now, whenever they joke about it on TV series or movies, I get it. Funny but crazy. And my happy hormone? Chocolates! A good excuse to eat dark chocolates. Yum! 

Over tiredness with added paranoia can be crazy too. Imagine taking care of a little one who can't talk and wants to be carried all the time. At 5 months, she's a little over than 7kls already... I can't even carry 5kls of rice before! At first, I have no idea why she cries. Is she hungry? Wet? Sleepy? Sick? ...Wait, what?! Sick?! Is she sick?! Oh no! What if she is? What's that I'm hearing? Is she having a hard time breathing? Let's go to the ER, quick! (at 3:00AM, when she was 2 weeks old. Only to find out she's perfectly normal. And the nurses asked, "first time parents po? ...oh that's why") 

Being that crazy is normal. We are normal mommies! That's good news. What I learned, in every struggle, it is best to have your partner with you to help you out. I salute and appreciate all moms more -whether they chose to be a stay-at-home-mom or needed to work away from their child or those single moms too-for their love, courage and sacrifices. 

It's Hard but it's All Worth It

With all the struggles of being a first time mom -all those sleepless nights, headbutts, scratches, hair pulls and hair loss, over-tiredness, etc.- they are all worth it when you see your baby healthy and happy. One simple smile or a kiss will immediately make you feel a lot better. It's all worth it mommies. 
I've read in one of the blogs, these struggles will pass, but for now, it's hard. I agree but I had to add, it's hard for now but it's worth it.


We may sometimes feel to have a desperate need to breath and go out, it's normal. I feel that too. Especially during the first few months when the doctor said the baby can't go out yet. Our Pediatrician advised us, if possible, go out for a while and let your hubby or a family member take care of your little one. Me, on the other hand, prefer to unwind with hubby and baby. After our doctor gave the go signal, we go out and spend more family time together outside our home... even if it means going to the mall to do the grocery. It feels a lot better when you go out and let yourself breath for a while.

Make time to do the things you love. I love writing and sharing. How was I able to write this article considering my hectic mommy schedule? I wrote it on my phone's notepad while my baby's breastfeeding. Talk about multi-tasking! It makes me feel relaxed... you can't do anything else while breastfeeding anyway.

Postpartum Depression

I Never had this... I hope I won't. But this a mother's struggle that shouldn't be ignored. I only had baby blues but it feels weird and insane... postpartum depression is way more serious. Moms, if you feel like you're experiencing this, talk to your partner or better, an expert. You do not want to harm your child because of this. Husbands, this is serious and is really happening, comfort your wife. It helps a lot.


As for me, I accepted the fact that we're just starting. I still have a lot to learn and experience. With all those moms around, I feel encouraged and I am up for motherhood.

For all first time moms like me, keep it up... we're doing a good job mommies. 
Enjoy and embrace motherhood! 

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