Sunday, February 10

Lab Gastropub Oceana

I was invited to a surprise baby shower for a very good friend and former work partner Wendy, last Friday at Lab Gastropub Oceana. I was excited because I'll be having dinner with my former office friends, at the same time, a new resto to try and blog.

The Lab Gastropub is at the tranquil side of SM by the Bay, MOA Complex Pasay. It has a soft touch good for people who chose to have a relaxing dinner after a days work. Unlike other chain of restaurants along SM By the Bay, the area is calm... no loud music or bands playing in, out and around the restaurant.

"It is a restaurant-school run by the Center for Culinary Arts Manila where the menu was thoughtfully developed by talented culinary students in the 6-month fast track chef program, mentored by highly experienced chefs." 

The ambiance is relaxing and the buffet table is the first thing that will catch your eye. After our hi's and hello, the group decided to have the Eat and Drink all you can promo.

Eat and Drink-All-You-Can Buffet
Food: 5-courses with salad and dessert
Drinks: Juices and Cocktails
good for 1 hour only

It's not the you-won't-be-able-to-taste-everything kind of buffet like that in  'Vikings' where foods are overflowing. Their buffet only has 5 kinds with a basic salad, dessert and cocktails. Since they are from the fresh minds of the culinary students, expect a feast in your palette... but some, at times, are not yet chef-perfect (due to my experience of a chewy tough beef).

5 course buffet which includes rice, pasta, finger food  
appetizers (see pic below) and a chewy tough roast beef

 If you're into cocktails but those in other bars are too expensive for you... this is your place. Enjoy an unlimited drinks and cocktails together with the buffet promo. Juice includes iced tea, mango or pineapple. For cocktails, it's quite disappointing to know that due to the increase in alcohol cost in the market, they have removed most of their concoction (and beers) in their buffet promo... but there are still good mixes in there like:

Pineapple Juice and Tequila Sunrise

Blue Froze

Tequila Sunrise

This has a Caribbean mix that I really love.
Unfortunately, they removed this in the buffet promo,
but you can still buy it by the glass

They also have a separate function room where you can gather and enjoy Lab's cuisine. 

Sample Set - Set A:

  • Price: P164,700
  • Minimum of 150 pax
  • Usage: 4hrs.
  • With set menu:
    • Soup
    • Salad
    • 5 Hot dishes
    • 3 Desserts

 **For further inquiries, coordinate with Ms. Edith Tumbagahan at 5563195

Ladies' room is clean too...

My Rating:

  • Ambiance: ★★★★
  • Food (for buffet promo only): ★★★
  • Value for money(for buffet promo only): ★★★★
  • Parking: ★★★
  • Service:  ★★★★
  • Overall Experience:  ★★★★
If you're around the area and would like a quiet, relaxing and a sumptuous meal with your colleagues, friends or family, this is a good place for you. 

For us... our night ended up full, happy (to see everyone again) and relaxed. My husband picked me up and decided to try this together soon :)

Congrats Wendy and Gerry! We know you'll be good parents. <3 span="">
Sayang, I didn't get the chance to take a pic of the stroller =D

Lab Gastropub Oceana
San Miguel By the Bay, Pasay City
Tel. No +63 2 5563195