Saturday, February 2


One weekday (I think that was Thursday) while at home cooking dinner, Dad called up and invited us for dinner. They were at Bhoyings, -the new restaurant in BF Homes Phase 1- but since it's quite far and a weekday, we pass. Dad gave good feedback though and said that the food was good, affordable and there's a mini playland where the kiddos can play too. It was featured in Jessica Soho's show, so it became popular.

Last Saturday, after a quick swim, the fam decided to have dinner there. We got there around 7:00pm and the parking was almost full. The five of us (plus our little angel, Jilly) got a good spot in the restaurant. Jilly went running towards the playland where she played before, unfortunately, it was removed because -according to the guard- one crew almost had an accident because of it. 

We ordered their specialty first... 2 sets of Ilocos bagnet liempo (P175/order), 2 orders of Vigan Empanada (P60), rellenong talong (P68), Sinigang na Bonuan Bangus Belly (P125) and 7 orders of steamed rice (P12). While waiting, a family suddenly walked out of the restaurant while a woman (I think the mom) shouts on how poor the service was... "magbabayad na nga lang, matagal pa rin! bahala nga kayo!" Another couple near our table, called out the manager and complained on how long they were waiting for their food. Few minutes after, with no food delivered, they left was well. 

Our night ended up quite disappointed with the service, an unserved sinigang + 1 order of rice and a wrong bill. They served our bill only by hand and not by the conventional small trays. We have no choice but to put our payment on the table because all attendants are busy. I checked their Facebook recently... Unfortunately, most of them were quite disappointed with service too. One mentioned that they traveled far just to buy their specialty cupcake when the waiter told him "Out of stock po kasi ginawa lang yun for Jessica Soho's show"

My Rating:
  • Ambiance: ★★★(because they removed the cute playland)
  • Food: ★★★★
  • Value for money: ★★★★
  • Parking: ★★★
  • Service: 
  • Overall Rating:  ★★★

Will I go back? Probably. Their service was not always bad anyway and the food is really good. There were lots of guest that weekend and the crew some sort of panicked I guess... including the manager.  They are relatively new and there's a lot for them to learn. They have to give a room for improvement and for us to give them another chance... but probably soon (for me).