Friday, May 10

2013 Floral Trend

This year, I'm loving the Spring Floral Trend. They are soothing and very warm to the eye. 
Here in the Philippines, it's summer. Still, floral outfit is a cute must-have.

I'm happy that I can wake up my floral items in my closet. I also bought a floral leggings to add up to my floral love. Here are some of them:

1. Flower Hair Clamp from Singapore
2. 30-year old Button down Spring Dress. Hand-me-down from my Aunt
3. Floral leggings
4. Floral blouse from Style&Co
5. Floral Flats from SoleMate SM

What I missed this year is the Floral Blazer from Zara.
I really like these but I was too late.

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