Sunday, May 26

June: The Wedding Month

Hi! My apologies for being so quiet this past few days. I got a bad flu and until now, I'm sneezing. :(

It's almost June... The Wedding Month! 
Our wedding last year was simple and solemn. It was a Garden Wedding beside a pool filled with all the people that we love and cherish.
 And best of all... I love my GOWN! :)

Let the pictures talk. :) Enjoy!

I Want: The bare back design
Why: It's unique and classy

I Want: Convertible! :)
Why: More comfy during the Wedding Party

We modified it since I don't like too much lace

Ceremony: The big bridal skirt with trail that I'm using is a 1980's vintage gown zipped on a white silk short skirt dress
Party: I opt to wear an all lace long spaghetti strap dress under the same white dress to cover up the back and leg part. Easier to move yet still stylish

We only have one garden venue for the Wedding Ceremony and Party.
It was a challenge to walk between those steps on the pool. Of course, my gown trail was soaking wet afterwards haha

Customized Table Numbers

Few weeks after the wedding, a "Thank you" Card was sent out to all those who came

 Hope this inspires the brides-to-be. ♥

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