Thursday, April 18

Rest and Relaxation with Nature

Here in the Philippines, we commemorate Holy Week. It is a legal holiday for four days starting Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday. This is our time to observe the lenten season and to have a little rest and relaxation from all the years of work and stress.

Since it is sooo hot here, beach -like what others prefer- is not my option. Instead, my husband and I decided to go to his province to relax. So we went off to Unisan, Quezon Philippines and stayed there for 3 days. 

We watch the Thursday procession which includes penance wherein a group of people hit themselves with a whip-like thing on their back until it bleeds. To these people, this is their vow to either clean their sins or to thank God for the past miracle that happened them or to their family member. I did not include the pictures of it here since I find it quite disturbing.

After the procession, we went to the bridge of Kalilayan to see nature at its finest. The sun is about to set, there are birds flying and trees everywhere, the clouds are so beautiful, cold air hugs you and the ocean is so calm. Everything is so serene... and this is what I want to share with everyone. :)

Kalilayan Bridge.
Beneath it? The vast Ocean! :)

Right side view of the bridge. Stones in the middle of the ocean is the old bridge connecting 2 island

See the clouds? Aren't they amazing?!

Left side view of the bridge.

We also had Vietnamese Pho for dinner and Halo-halo for snacks! :)

Vietnamese Pho by Ate Cynch. With quail eggs, thai basil and mint... plus jalapeno! :)

Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert (and sometimes a snack) which is
a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled 
sweet beans and fruits (such as banana and jackfruit), and served in a tall glass or bowl
topped with either (or a combination of) leche flan, purple yam, or ice cream

How was yours? Share your thoughts too!