Monday, January 4

Venice Piazza

First Date for 2016 with hubby. 
We went to Venice Piazza, a newly-built Mall at McKinley Hill, Taguig (Philippines)

The Mall, according to their staff, will officially open on March 2016. There are no shops yet though restaurants on the main entrance are already operational.

See how thick the crowd is?

We went there to check the facebook craze that this place looks like Venice, Italy, as if you are visiting the Grand Canal. 

Unfortunately, we went there on a wrong time. The crowd was as thick as Divisoria... crowded. However, the place is really beautiful. It's as if we were in another country. Gondola's will be operational by March as well. 

To Cap the night off, we decided to have dinner in an Italian Restaurant, Amici.

Seafood Risotto

How's your new year coming along?