Monday, July 27

A Quick Hello to Mt. Mayon in Albay, Philippines

Albay is a beautiful province in the Philippines where you can see Mt. Mayon, famous for it's nearly-perfect cone.

Taken while inside the Plane
When we went to visit our relatives in Masbate, we took a plane from Manila to Albay, so we had the chance to glance around Albay in less than 4 hours while waiting for our boat ride to Masbate City.

It was breathtaking seeing Mt. Mayon for the first time in the plane. Luckily, there weren't much clouds around it so we can clearly see her beauty.

They say, you can go anywhere in Albay and still have Mayon Volcano in the background of your photos... I think they're right. :)

At Daraga Church

With bated breath, I couldn't wait to see Cagsawa Ruins where you can see the Cagsawa Church bell tower buried when Mt. Mayon erupted in 1814. It is currently protected and maintained by the municipal government of Daraga and the Museum of the Philippines. It was so interesting to see it in real life... I only see its replica in Nayong Pilipino (outdoor museum in the Philippines) during our yearly educational field trip in school when I was a kid.

Before going to the port, we had a quick visit to Daraga Church and a quick bite at the 1st colonnial restaurant where we had Sili Ice Cream and Sisig Pasta.


You can select from 3 levels of Sili Ice Cream, 3 being the hottest. The ice cream was really good. It taste like Chili with Coconut milk. Sounds weird for an ice cream though but it actually tastes good... not too sweet but its hot. :) I can only have level 1. Level 2 was too much for me since I'm not much of a chili fan.

Sisig Pasta

After our quick bite, it's time to say goodbye to Albay and welcome Masbate for the next leg of our vacation. See my Masbate blog and be mesmerized.