Monday, August 18

Touch of Grunge

Are you familiar with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or Alice in Chains?
These are Grunge Bands who became so famous in the early 90's.

Here in our country, there a lot of Independent grunge bands who are really talented.
My husband's band, WOUND is one of them.
Almost every month, they gather together in one place to share their music.
Last Saturday was a big event for them where almost every independent grunge band in the metro unite... of course I was there to support them.

Since it's grunge... I need to blend in and dress up but still keep my soft and sweet side.
Grunge is more of the checkered polo or skirt, skinny jeans, floral dresses and boots, Dr. Martens or Chucks... I chose Floral Dress + Chucks for this event. :)

Grunge is about angst, confinement etc... which I am not...
but grunge is also free and transcending which is kinda me. :)

          • Floral Dress: Esie and Ai (Online Shop)
          • Shoes: Converse
          • Bag: Romaio Italy
          • Watch: G-shock Casio
          • Belt: Genevieve Gozum

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