Thursday, March 20

Boracay 2014

It's Summer here in the Philippines!
We are known for our beautiful beaches and scenery.

Will share with you one of the beautiful spot
in time for summer...


Boracay Beach Front Station 1. Photo captured by ME in a panoramic view

Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies. Apart from its white sand beaches, Boracay is also famous for being one of the world's top destinations for relaxation. It is also emerging among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife. In 2012, Boracay was awarded as the best island in the world from the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure. (source: wikipedia)

Here's how I see this beautiful island:

Boracay Station 1. White fine sand
White House Resort. Boracay, Station 1 where we stayed for 4 relaxing days

There are a lot of restaurants in Stations 1 to 3 but if you want adventure, go visit their wet market in "Talipapa". Cheap souvenirs can also be bought there. :)

Clams and Mussels


 There are so many activities to try in Boracay.
Here's one... Island Hopping!

Ours cost P2,700 ($62) per boat + Island Entrance Fee of P200 ($5) + 100 ($3) Snorkeling gear

Crystal Cove

And my Favorite scene... Sunset ♥

Sadly, I wasn't able to capture the night life in Boracay... but it was amazing!
Booze + Music + Club hopping + Friends/Loved Ones = Boracay Night Life

I'm looking forward to spending my summer in different places with my husband.
Will post more adventures soon! Thanks for reading! ♥